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Everything 4x 5x version Important Note

Everything updated to new 6x version. But some customer to use old version: 4x 5x. Here is the note for these versions that publish in the Introduction Item theme.

  • Any questions about our theme such as Pre-sale questions or report errors, please help us open a conversation here
  • What’s different between these versions, check it out
  • Deploy Dropshipping Full Demo Setup:
    • Please read the Setup policy here
    • We will build the Dev site include all sample data (full store). Then we will transfer this Dev store into you. You only need active it to use (select Shopify Plan).
    • It’s Free service, so we don’t setup in existed store of Customer.
  • Proxima Nova font: Everything demo used Proxima Nova font (from Typekit). This font is commercial font, so it will only work in our demo. Not included in theme packages download.
  • Block and Sections: Everything have unique Home layout, So each theme will have different layout and the Theme Option (Sections) will only include sections (block/area) that use to build the unique layout. It do NOT include other sections (block/area) from other theme style.
  • The theme support Translate Editor of Shopify. Help to translate the site to any language. But only show in 1 language in front-end. It does not support Multi-Language. If the store is not English language, after installation, you ned go to Actions > Edit Language to update language text fields.
  • Shopify Apps: there are a lot of Shopify Apps released. So, we can not install all of they and test to make they work right in our theme. So, we will NOT warrant our theme will work right 100% in all Shopify Apps!
  • Tabs in Detail page: only the Description tab and Review tab (used App) will show content different for each product. Other tabs as Delivery, Warranty, Payment will the same for all products. It caused by Shopify only allow have 1 Description field for each product and don’t allow add custom product field.
  • Demo functions/features: Please check our demo clearly about functions/features. Some function is unique and only work in some demo style. We will only provide support about the function that show in our demo. When you request include unique function to other demo, we will not support it.
  • Source Syntax: we will provide support anything that the theme package in Customer site not the same our demo. We don’t support (complex requests) to add new element such as SEO text, Robot text,, Optimate (speed up)... or change layout, style request!
  • Product sections in Home page, Sidebar in inner pages will show products from selected collection. The Section title only the text (not meaning), such as New Arrivals, Best Seller, Recently Viewed,... Also some functions in Detail page such as Reward Points, Stock status (random), coupon, estimate shipping time are demo function, it’s not real function. To use it, you need install the related App.
  • Support Response: We are working from 9AM to 5PM, GMT+7, Mon to Fri. When your question come to our system and the Customer support staff will answer it as soon as possible follow the timeline above. They will process ticket/conversation in queue (first come first serve). When your question come to our system at out of office time or weekend, it will be hold to next working day.
  • If you are authors or own copyright of any resource, please submit DCMA notice to

    By purchasing our products, you acknowledge and completely understand and agree our notice.

    We are NOT responsible for any copyright infringement by using these graphic images.

    All graphic images use for demo sample only and NOT include in the purchase packages.
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