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Where i can i change the icons on the side menu at Sarahmarket theme 3?

Question: Need change these icons below

Solution: you must:

  1. Create the icon that you want. Recommended size is 25x25 pixel
  2. Set the name of this icon is "name image" = "name collection" and image .png format.
    Example: want make the icon for "Sports & Outdoors" , you must set the name of this collection is "sports-outdoors.png" , replace spacing space ' ' and special text by '-'
  3. Upload this icon into Assets folder

Choose files or drag and drop files
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  1. Jin Alkaid

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  1. Leonardo Castano

    1. Create the icon. Do it free at

    2. Rename the icon with the category name. If the category name is: ELECTRONICS, you should name the icon exactly as the category name: electronics.png. If the category name has two words: SPORTS AND OUTDOORS, you should name the icon: sports-and-outdoors.png.

    3. Upload the icon into Assets: Click in "Add a new asset", find the icon file you want to upload and click "Upload Asset"

    4. That's it. The icon will appear automatically in your Categories menu.


    You need to mention where to add the assets / icons ? in which file ???

  3. Brendan Warner

    This does not work, followed all instructions and named them correctly but the site did not go and grab the icon.

  4. Jin Alkaid

    Staff –

    You only need upload into the Asset folder, don't need do any more in liquid file. The site will auto go to the Asset folder and show it.

  5. Abdul Samad

    its ok, Uploaded asset, but you didn't tell where to paste link of the said asset, I mean in which liquid file or in which html file we should paste the link of uploaded png file, Please update.